How to Install?

Installation taking 5-minute with no tools or special skills required

1/ Remove all the mats that are already in the car
2/ Move driver’s seat entirely upwards & backwards, to maximise the floor space
3/ Slide the driver’s side mat into place
4/ Repeat the same step with the passenger’s side
5/ For the rear seat, move the front seats entirely forwards
6/ Place the rear mat across the floor and slide it in

*For some rear mats that have an excess mat part, simply tuck it underneath the bench seat
7/ Secure all the mats with the build-in clips along the edge of the mats, by sliding them into the plastic trim of your car
8/ Each set of mats comes with extra Velcro strips & clips, you won’t need them all, just use them for places that need them to ensure the mats are flat against the floor



1/ Make sure the driver’s seat’s mat DO NOT shift in any way.
2/ Test full range of vehicle pedals to ensure there is no interference.
3/ Double check if all the clips are tucked in your vehicle trims and Velcro are attached to the carpet of your car.


Cleaning Instruction:

Alluxe Car Mats are made with high quality leather for an easy cleaning. Wipe down your mats with microfibre or wet towel, you can add soap or mild cleaning agent.



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