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Welcome to Alluxe Car Mats, the one-stop shop where you can find the best custom car mats for your vehicle.

We are a company based in Australia offering Custom Made Luxury Car Floor Mats product. We are passionate individuals and car fanatics; in other words, we are providing the highest quality car floor mats that a vehicle would showcase one's style and personality.


Who Are We?

At Alluxe Car Mats, we are committed to offering high-quality leather selected from the finest of raw materials and introduced custom car mats that are custom-fit for your vehicle.

Our team comprises professionals knowledgeable in the automotive industry and passionate about providing stylish and leather-perfected car mats that are unmatched in quality.

Using premium materials to create car floor mats that are both beautiful and durable. Our mats cover up to 99% of your car's floor, providing 360° coverage to protect your car's original carpet from spills, dirt, and damages. Designed just for our valued customers as we believe luxury and quality can go side by side.


Our Mission

We aim to offer car owners custom mats combining style, functionality, and durability. We have seen that car enthusiasts are unsatisfied when it comes to custom car mats, and we are here to change that image.

Our custom car mats are crafted using state-of-the-art machinery and craftsmanship techniques to ensure they fit your car's specifications.


Our commitment

At Alluxe Car Mats, we value quality, style, and customer satisfaction. Our luxury car mats should not only look great but be long-lasting as well.

We take immense pride in our attention to detail and our dedication to customer satisfaction. We also offer a warranty on the luxurious car mats so you can be at peace knowing that your investment is not wasted, and once you go for re-selling, there will be no loss.


Customer Satisfaction:

Customer satisfaction is our top priority at Alluxe Car Mats. - if you are happy, we are delighted!

Alluxe Car Mats believes in conducting business with the highest standards of ethics and professionalism. We are committed to treating our customers, employees, and partners with respect and fairness.



Thank you for choosing Alluxe Car Mats.

Find high-quality luxury car mats where style meets luxury.


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