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1/ First, we receive and analyse your order to make sure that we have all the necessary details that are required to manufacture your car mats.

2/ The details will be conveyed to our production team.

3/ The production process of your car mats is initiated. An accurate 3D measurements are used to ensure a perfect fit and coverage for your car floor.

4/ A craftsmanship will be performed to finish your car mats.

5/ Once the production process is completed, our inspection team will asset the qualities of your new car mats.

6/ When the mats have passed our inspection process, our reliable courier will prompt delivery of your order to your doorstep.

Yes, safety first - is one of our top priorities. By giving not just a luxury look but a safety features on our mats. With a heel-grip pedal where you can rest your heel while pressing the pedals. We also attach and provide some clips and velcro strips to make sure the mats are fixed in place.

When you received the mats, just simply follow our 5-minute installation instruction to completely transfer your car interior to the next level of luxury. No tools or special skills needed during the process. 

Installation guide : click here

We've designed and manufactured our car mats for the most comfortable and easy installation experience.

Please contact us via for any modifications or cancelling your order.

We support any Debit/Credit card or PayPal payments. Our site is SSL secure, checked and verified by MasterCard, Maestro and Visa. All payments are secured and encrypted for protecting your personal details. All card payments are processed by Stripe Payments, which is the top-rated online payment processor on the market.

1/ Select your desired colour from our catalog.

2/ Select your car details (Car Brand/ Mode/ Year) on our product page, and then click 'Order Now'.

3/ Complete your billing and shipping details, then proceed your payment using your Debit/Credit Card or your PayPal account.

Please check your spam folder to see if the email is in there. If you can't find the confirmation email, it's likely you have made a typing error about your email address that you provided us. Our confirmation email is automatically send to you within a few minutes after your order been placed. 

Please contact us for assistance.

Because we require 3D computer technology measurements that is taken during our production stage for each specific car models. So if you can't see your car model on our list, it means we can not produce the mats for your car model.

But we do update our car list, so please contact us about your car model details to see if we have an update on that car model. Contact us .

Quality and proper fit are our top priorities. Every set is custom made to your specific car model to ensure supreme coverage and perfect fit.

The Lux Mats guarantee a perfect fit and protection for your car floor. Our mats cover 95%+ of the car floor while giving you a luxurious look as well as protection for your car interior.

Check out our Production Process <here >.

Installation taking only 5 minutes with no tools or special skills.

Please follow the instructions below to install The Lux Car Mats correctly:

1/ Make sure to remove any floor mats that are already in the car and to remove any debris on your car floor.

2/ Move driver's seat back entirely to maximise the floor space.

3/ Slide your Lux Mats into place, there might be some parts that stick out, you can secure these parts later by using provided clips and velcro.

4/ Repeat the same steps with the passenger side.

5/ For the back seats, move the driver's seat and passenger seat all the way forwards.

6/ Place the mats across the floor and they should slide right in. For some car models, the mats may overlap the rear seats, just simply tuck the excess under the bench seat.

7/ Use attached clips and velcro to secure your mats, by tucking the clips to the trimmings of your car, to ensure the mats are flat against the floor.

8/ Each set of mats comes with several clips and Velcro strips but you won't need to use them all. For areas that don't have place to use the clips, you can use Velcro strips to secure the mats.

9/ Now your installation is done. Thanks for choosing The Lux Mats.


For your safety, after the installation please make sure to:

1/ Test full range of the pedals, make sure there's no interference.

2/ Ensure that all the clips are tucked in properly and the mats don't shift away.

3/ Always keep the driver's foot is trash-free.

Your car mats are very easy to clean. You can remove the mats and shake off any debris and simply wipe clean using towel with soap and water or any mild cleaning agents.


We offer a <30 Days Money Back Guarantee> policy to protect your purchase.

If you have any issues with your car mats quality, delivery or fitment, please contact us via email or any social media platforms.

Yes, we offer Free Worldwide Shipping on all orders. The Lux Mats is using reliable courier services to ensure the fastest home delivering on most countries.

All of our Premium Leather Car Mats are made to order in our factory, using laser measurement technology and craftsmanship. 

The manufacturing process takes approximately 5-7 days depending on how complex is your car's floor measurements.

To find our more about the shipping times depending on your location, please click here.

Because your parcel is in transit to the destinations, this process means your parcel is handed over to countries or airports that do not provide tracking information. Your tracking update will be available once the parcel has passed customs checks.

If you fail to collect your parcel, the parcel will be sent back to our warehouse, there will be a $35 re-shipping charge, and your parcel can take up to 30 days (return time + re-shipping time).

Please check with your neighbours or your local post, there are some cases that the parcel has been delivered to a different address or it has been sent back to your local post office if there was no answer from the delivery address. In that case, you should receive a note about your parcel is waiting to collect from your local post office.
Yes, all of our deliveries require signature. But due to social distancing policies, our delivery partners are using different methods to confirm that your parcel is delivered without meet-n-greet. Our couriers will use a GPS tracking system to confirm that your parcel has been delivered to the location, or they will take some photos of your delivered parcel. These methods will make sure everyone is safe.
We always keep track with our partnered couriers to check for updates and make sure that the orders have been delivered. If there is such a situation, please contact us for further assistance.
Unfortunately not, we can only produce our standard colours and designs, that are available on our website. These colours have been selected by experts to suit most car interiors on the market.

Check out our Youtube, Instagram, Facebook and Tiktok for photos and videos of our Premium Leather Car Mats, those are taken by thousands of our satisfied customers.

Because we require 3D computer technology measurements that is taken during our production stage for each specific car models. So if you can't see your car model on our list, it means we can not produce the mats for your car model.

But we do update our car list, so please contact us about your car model details to see if we have an update on that car model. Contact us .

Yes, all of our products are using eco friendly and yet high quality materials to produce.